A Gentle Curse


A jar (any size w/ lid)
Vinegar (Preferably white vinegar)
A harsh pepper (I used a dried hot pepper)
Salt (I used kosher salt)
The person's name (First and last, add the middle if you can)


This isn't mine, I just saw it online on a different website. This should push someone in to the right direction. It worked for me.

Spell Casting

1) Get your jar and fill it quarter way (25%) with vinegar
2) Add your pepper and salt
3) Write the person's full name on the piece of paper
4) Drop the paper into the vinegar while stating the intentions for the 5) person. The stronger the intention, the better
6) Seal the jar tightly with the lid and store.
I permanently sealed the jar shut with hot glue, but you don't have to.
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