Home Success Magnetism Spell


Frankincense oil

Sandalwood oil

Olive oil

1 Short blue candle

a saucer or plate

disposable tablecloth or newspaper

Sea salt


This spell will remove negative energy from your home, including illness & sickness...& turn your home into a positive energy that attracts success & prosperity...& other goodies!

Spell Casting

Blend essential oils of frankincense & sandalwood into Olive oil.

Use this to dress a small blue candle.

Place the candle onto a saucer or plate.

Place the saucer on top of a disposable tablecloth or newspaper.

Cast a large circle with sea salt on the paper around the saucer & candle. The circle must be large enough for you to maneuver comfortably within in.

Enter the circle; You may either stand or knee in the paper, & light the candle.

Close the doors & let the candle burn out(always maintain an eye on fire safety

When the candle is finished,gold everything up securely inside the tablecloth or newspaper.

Do not spill even one grain of salt.

Take it to a moving body of water. Side all biodegradable materials I to the water.Throw everything else into a trashcan at a distance from your home.Walk away & don't look back.

NOTE:- Repeat every year at the end of summer.

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