Get a Sibling!


A hair from your head.
A flower or a leaf, if it's a boy or a girl.
A piece of paper
A clear, empty, plastic bottle (BPA free is recommended, but you can use any bottle).
Lucky charms (dice, ladybird drawings, 7 of something lucky) (optional).


This spell will get you a sibling. They will be adopted.

Spell Casting

This spell is quite complicated and long, so I hope you're able to read this carefully and slowly. Pick a flower or a leaf from outside and place it in the bottle. Add the hair. Then write the following on the piece of paper: Peto a multa di deaeque dent, ut benedicat puer potius eligendum et ad familiam meam in aestimatione excipienda. Ego curo ut illis se defendat atque in tempore opportuno. Sic fiat et benedicti omnes liberos. (It's basically latin for saying you ask the gods and goddesses for a child to be adopted and welcomed into your home. In turn, you must care for them, protect them and help them when they need help.) Roll up the piece of paper and put that in the bottle too. To increase your luck of your wish coming true, place a drawing of 7 ladybirds into the bottle, a penny, a four-leaf clover or dice into the bottle! (These are said to bring good luck! Search it up, if you don't believe me.) You can even do all of them at once if you want. Next, you must go outside to a quiet place, such as your garden or an area that isn't visited often in a local park (take the bottle with you!). This must be done when the moon is waxing (getting bigger, for the people who don't understand moon phases yet) or when it is a full moon. This can be done anytime. If there are any hills of dips in the terrain, find the centre of it and place your bottle there. Take off the lid and place it upright, then say the following. Opus domus Dei in filios. Peto a dis adoptabimur puer et ad parentes, ut sit crescere eorum natura id habente, cum consilio atque afflatu idcirco pertinet de domo mea. Ego promitto tibi hunc puerum quemquam esse minus deditum cum cura et orate deos, ut mei ex velle quod sit vera. Ego tantum volo facio bonum est illis. Sic fiat et benedicti omnes liberos. (again, it is latin for saying you ask of the gods to let a child be adopted by your parents to let them grow up with care from your family and you promise to care for the child too. you pray to the gods that your wish may come true) Leave your bottle there (you can keep the lid) overnight and check if it's there the next day. If it is your wish will come true! The words you spoke have been truly spoken and have floated up to the gods. They believe you have done enough good in your life to deserve a sibling. If it isn't, your bottle has been taken by the gods! You haven't done enough good to deserve a sibling. Try again when the moon is waxing again. (CONTINUE ONLY IF YOUR BOTTLE IS STILL THERE OVERNIGHT) You may now take the bottle home, but every month when the moon is waxing, you must say the prayer again until your sibling arrives! Try to focus on all the good things that happen with them in your dreams. Focus on your parents agreeing to adopt a child. With enough belief and focusing, your wish will come true!
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