Summon Demonic Friends


4 1/2 Crimson Cinnamon Candles
Maybe some popcorn or other light snack
Some water (fires can happen with Hellspawn...also popcorn might make you thirsty)


For this spell you shall summon demons from the realm of the underworld and have them by your side as your new friends of demonic origin.

Spell Casting

First set and light your 4 1/2 Crimson Cinnamon candles in some sort of triangle but have one candle (or the 1/2 candle) in hand and one candle balanced on your head.

Now you must take the popcorn or other light snack and salt and pepper this snack without dropping either candle in hand. Then place the snack at the center of the triangle set candles. Eat some of the snack and then drink some of the water and wait.

Finally after a few moments chant this incantation three times:
"Norman, son of Satan, calls you forth. So mote it be!"

Within a couple hours of the incantation you shall be joined by several demonic friends from the Underworld itself. Be careful of their demeanor though, they will be loyal to you but may be rude to other guests/tenants of your living space.

If this spell doesn't work, send me a message or email me and I shall give you further advice.
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