Cleaning Home Smudge


The supplies you need for this spell are:

- 1 tbs garlic powder
- 1 tbs dried mint leaves
- 1 tbs ground cloves
- 1 tbs dried thistle
- 1 big handful of dry sweetgrass
- 2 or 3 dry oak leaves


This can be a little aromatic so you might not want to do this ritual right before company comes over. But it is very powerful and will cleanse any bad or negative energy that has accumulated in your home or living space

Spell Casting

Mix everything together in a fire-proof dish and break up any really big pieces of leaves. Light and let the mix start to smolder and produce its smoke. If you can't get it to stay lit, add a small block of charcoal for some added fire power.

Walk with the smoking dish through all the rooms in your house. Once you've smudged each room, open up as many windows as you can to let the ritual smoke flush all the negativity out of your home. Let the herbs burn out, and bury them in the yard
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