Misc Moon Magic


Purple candle
Yellow candle
Blue candle
Red candle
Green candle
Rosemary (can be in a seasoning shaker of sorts)
Black ink pen


This can be used on anyone, highly recommend for the waxing for full moon.
Note:if you get any dreams of Lilith, dont fret too much. (Unless your male, so be careful)

This is basically a spell for whatever problem someone ypu know or yourself is having and you'd like it solved.

Spell Casting

Before you cast your circle, write with the pen on the paper:(draw a pentagram or pentacle at the top of the paper) "God and Goddess, i ask that you (insert how you want the current problem or situation fixed.) thank you for your time, blessed be the way." [ALWAYS BE POLITE if youre not polite, they WILL make you suffer the consequences]

Find a clear space big enough to make a circle. Use the broom to sweep away bad energies, and dirt or whatever that will afect the spell negatively.
Get your salt and pour it into a cirle (be sure that you dont have any gaps)
Put the purple candle in the North cardinal direction. Make a star with the candles.yellow left and green right, red far right in the back and blue far left in the back. This should make a candle pentagram or pentacle.

Get your bowl and pour/put the rosemary into it. Then get your lighter and light the candles. Have your paper with you. Then read aloud your incantation that you've written. When you are done reading, put some of the rosemary in the middle of the paper and fold it tight, light it with the purple candle and set it into the bowl to burn completely. When you are done, close the circle, blow out the candles, clean up the salt, and wait for it to work.

Note: How i know Lilith will come into your dream is because this has happened before to me the first time i casted this spell. I dont know how she has anything to do with this, i only know that the spell is powerful and she's probably a sign that it is working. This spell has many uses, but ALWAYS be polite and cast on a waxing or full moon. It works best on those moon phases.
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