Aphrodite Flirting Confidence


-1 pink candle
-1 small pink sachet bag
-rose petals (preferably pink but any color would be fine)
-cinnamon (sticks are preferable when it comes to sachets because powder tends to get everywhere but do with what you have)
-cherry incense
-sigil symbolizing confidence


An herbal sachet using the power of herbs and the goddess Aphrodite to give you the confidence to aid in flirting.

Spell Casting

I was searching for some flirting confidence spells to go off of as inspiration for my own and noticed that they're very scarce. There are millions of love and sex spells on the internet, but people tend to forget the step that comes before all that: flirting! Striking up conversations with total strangers because they're cute and potentially getting their number, which would eventually lead to love or sex (or both). I haven't flirted in years, and I wanted to start because I believe it'll make me feel powerful and beautiful. I realized I was getting way too nervous when I tried, so I decided to make this sachet.

For this spell we are going to be calling upon Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, lust, desire, and the arts. She loves to see us in pleasure, and in love with ourselves and others. We are all beautiful in her eyes and she is happy when we are confident in ourselves. Be sure to leave an offering for her, which could be as simple as chocolates, love letters, or a list of things we adore about her (which you know she'd love!). You could even draw her a picture, write her a song, etc.

Alright, first you'll start off with a pink sachet bag. I got a pack of 20 for $1 at Dollar Tree in their baby shower section. Set it aside with your herbs and sit and ground yourself, also taking your pink candle and infusing it with your personal power. I put on the Classical Romance Spotify playlist because 1) I felt it was fitting because Aphrodite is also a goddess of the arts and 2) it was great for visualization and made me feel beautiful and graceful. I could imagine myself turning the heads of everyone in the room, but locking eyes with that one special person, and having the confidence to smile at and approach them. Really lose yourself in the music.

After you've done that, light the candle and begin to fill the sachet. Meditate with it, direct all of your desires for confidence and attraction into that bag. Say:

"Aphrodite, goddess of love, lust, and the arts,
Grant me the confidence to be flirty
And to never again worry
About the woes of rejection,
Because I will make the proper selection.
Whether they be male, female, or in between,
My flirting skills will be keen.

Magick herbs of love, lust, and femininity,
Please lend me your power and divinity.
When I carry this sachet,
I will have the best mindset
To be confident, charming, and flirty.
This is my will, and harm none, so mote it be."

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