Success For Permit/Driving Test


-1 yellow candle for intelligence, memory, & learning

-vanilla incense for memory or alternatively patchouli for success

-an agate crystal for intelligence, clarity, confidence, & energy (optional)

-basil for steadying the mind

-honeysuckle for success

-cinnamon for luck, success, & prosperity

-screw or wooden cuticle stick (optional)


This is a spell for all the baby witches who need some help passing their permit/driving test.

Spell Casting

I used the cuticle stick to make 3 holes in the candle and filled them with the basil and honeysuckle, then sprinkled the cinnamon on top. This is completely optional, alternatively you could just burn the herbs yourself during the rite. I just feel like this is a much cleaner and safer way to burn herbs. I usually do this a day or two before the actual spell and leave the candle & crystal in the windowsill to be cleansed by the sun. Again, totally optional. This is just my personal way of doing things and every witch's path is different!

On the night before your test, cast your circle and meditate with the candle and crystal. Infuse them with your personal power and visualize yourself scoring well and passing your test. When you feel that you are in the right mind state and that your candle and crystal are charged, say the following words:

"I will score well on this permit/driving exam.
To do so, I will give it all that I am.
Passing will bring about so much change
And opportunities not currently in my range.
I will remember the rules of the road,
As I have done my best to memorize the code.
If this is what I do,
Then soon I will be able to
Go wherever, whenever.
All I have to do is be clever!
I will do my best
And pass this test.
This is my will, & harm none, so mote it be."

Let the candle burn until it's halfway gone, then in the morning, let it burn until it's done. I hope this helps!
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