Solar Eclipse: Strengthen Personal Energy


Optional: Candles or incense.
Optional: Music.
Optional: Something to sit on.
Optional: Chakra crystals.


This is part of a series of Solar Eclipse spells for August 21st, 2017 in the United States or for anyone lucky enough to witness a future Solar Eclipse elsewhere in the world.

Spell Casting

Total Solar Eclipses last only a few minutes! Plan wisely.

Before the eclipse starts if you don't feel comfortable sitting or laying on the ground outside, put out your lawn chair, towel, or blanket to sit or lay down on. Arrange your chakra crystals, candles, or incense the way you want them around you. Light your candles or incense and play the music you use to meditate with. Anything you find necessary to get comfortable, do so.

Relax yourself to a comfortable position and begin meditating. Avoid other movements or distractions. Begin to focus on the natural sounds around you or the sound of your music. Focus on your breathing, taking deep slow breaths.

When the eclipse begins, visualize the power of the cosmic energies flowing into your body. Imagine it connecting to each of your chakras, your hands, and your feet. Conceptualize it as if it was a fire or lava flowing through you like a liquid, or going deep into your blood and bones. Hold on to the energy and let it soak. Feel the balance of Masculine and Feminine energies from the sun and moon inside of yourself.

As the eclipse ends, calmly go through the steps to come out of your state and collect anything you brought outside with you. Make sure to leave nature as it was before you arrived.
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