Solar Eclipse: Super Charging


Any of your craft tools, jewelry, or other items you'd like to power up.
Optional: Salt.


This is part of a series of Solar Eclipse spells for August 21st, 2017 in the United States or for anyone lucky enough to witness a future Solar Eclipse elsewhere in the world.

Spell Casting

Total Solar Eclipses last only a few minutes. Plan wisely.

Before the eclipse starts, arrange yourself an outdoor sacred space. Purify the area with either salt or by casting a circle, then arrange your chosen items within your area.

While the eclipse starts, visualize the items soaking up the energy of the sun. Imagine the energy of Fire being put into them from the sun. The energy of Earth coming into them from under the ground. The energy of Air from the wind and your own visualization, and the energy of Water from the moon as it overlaps the sun. Do not be afraid to pour some of your own personal energy into the items as well. You may also seek to call on your spirits or deities to assist you and bless the items.

When the eclipse ends, carefully gather your items. Make sure any outdoor space is how you left it. Your items should now have been charged significantly. If you used your personal energy, give yourself plenty of time to recuperate before thinking about doing other craft work.
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