Bring change to your life


Reflective body of water


If you feel you're life lacks variety and needs to be shaken up this spell could help you!

Spell Casting

Find a body of water that you can see your reflection in.
Make sure that it is completely still and you can see yourself clearly
Pick up a roughly fist sized stone and hold it in your hands.
Think about the boredom in your life and how you want to be rid of it.

When you are ready say this: my life is stagnant and a bore.
Please end this suspense which I hate and abhor.
Let my life flow once more.
I wish to end this strife.
Please let me have an eventful life.

Throw in the rock and watch as your reflection dissolves then re solidifies.
You will be given an exciting opportunity in the future but it is up to you to realise it.
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