Jar of Prosperity


A glass jar with a lid
Change (anything works, quarters pennies, whatever)
Three cinnamon sticks
Bay leaves
Money drawing oil


This spell is an easy jar spell to bring luck, financial stability, and general prosperity.

Spell Casting

This spell is best performed on a new moon.

1. The jar you use for this can be of any size, and as such, there's no specific measurements for how much of the herbs you use.
2. That being said, to begin, take the jar in both of your hands and focus all your good thoughts and energy into it.
3. Due to their size, the cinnamon sticks should be added first, but the rest of the herbs may be added and mixed as you like.
4. Add the coins as you mix in the herbs, making sure they are mixed thoroughly in.
5. After you have mixed your herbs and coins, add your money drawing oil to the jar. You may add as much oil as you like, play it by feel.
6. Once you have completed the afore mentioned steps, screw the lid onto the jar tightly, and store the jar under your bed.
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