How to make a Magickal Healing Jar


1 Glass Jar with a Lid, cork bottles or screw on will work.
Items to fill the jar completely

1 Crystal or Crystal Chips of desired color/healing property.
1 Piece of Paper
1 Pen/Pencil for writing.
Dried Herbs for desired outcome.
Personal objects such as Hair, Finger Nails, Cloth from clothing, or Jewelry.
Coins for Prosperity
Small Photograph(s) Of a lost loved one(s) or for bringing love a photo of the person.

All ingredients are optional, get creative! *YOU WILL NEED ITEMS TO FILL JAR COMPLETELY AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE*


This is how to make a Healing Jar. A Healing Jar can be used to help heal from grief and emotional pain, physical problems, promote love, happiness, abundance, luck, or anything you desire! You can customize the ingredients however you like and even add your own personal ones for a much powerful spell. The possibilities are endless!

Spell Casting

Select the items that you want to fill your glass jar with. You may choose options from the suggested ingredients or add your own. You can combined objects, Herbs, Crystals in any way you desire. Not recommended to use water or fresh herbs as it may cause spoilage and mold. Once you have everything you want to add to your jar, start filling it with the items! As you place the items in the jar visualize your desired outcome and intention for this jar. If you are adding a note on a small piece of paper, write down either your desired outcome, name of lost loved one, name of a desired person, symbols representing outcome, or any combination of the following! You may fold the paper and add it to the jar, or press it up against the inside of the jar to be able to read your note. As you fill the jar you may say a chant of your choosing, here is one you can use for your spell:
"As I fill this jar, so does my heart fill with love for you _______."
"As I fill this jar, so is my body being filled with your healing light to heal ________."

The chants are optional. After you have completed filling the jar, seal it and keep it in a special place for only you. If you're making this as a gift for a loved one or a friend you may give it to them and tell them to keep it somewhere special.
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