Community Good Fortune and Happiness Spell


Bird Seeds (That are safe to eat by birds in your area. Do your research!)

A small pouch

A larger pouch (alt. a large jar)

Anything that you have lying around that has positive correspondences!

A Few Examples:

River Stones

Vial of Moon Water



Cinnamon, etc.


A simple spell to spread happiness and good will in your area with the help of animals! (Specifically birds)

Spell Casting

Take your birds seeds and pour some in the small pouch. Take the larger pouch (or jar) and fill it with all the happy items you can fit in it, then insert the smaller pouch into the larger one and leave it for a day to soak up all those energies.

After a day, remove the smaller bird pouch from the jar/larger pouch and go out to feed some birds (ideally on a bright, clear day). It's recommended you remind yourself of your intent and project it onto the seeds as you feed the birds. And voila! You're done!

Remember to help out your community after to help strengthen the spell.
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