Remove spiritual seal


burst of energy


a Quick way to remove a seal
(I have only tested this on seals i have created and have only tried on seals no older than 5 minutes)

Spell Casting

To draw your energy out, get into your stance, if you do not have one, you can sit criss-crossed or assume the psi/ki ball stance.
once you do that, focus on the seals energy.
After you lock onto the seal, focus your energy while saying(thinking works as well but saying is much stronger):

"seal be released seal be untold, seal unfold!"

after it is said, release all your gathered energy into the seal, when i did this i saw my energy as a key opening a lock.

the lock should look like the intent behind the seal.
for example: if it was sealed with loving intent, it could be red in some areas, if the caster did it for malicious intent, perhaps black.
if its lined with metal (depends on the metal) the seal could be much stronger in certain ways) etc. .

if you have any questions please ask.
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