Give Strength Candle


Golden/White Candle
Olive Oil
Candle Holder
Sage/Rue Incense


This is a basic spell that will give you strength. This candle will not let you break down, it will keep you happy. Also will banish negativity from you.

Spell Casting

Take your candle and cover it in Olive Oil, be careful not to cover the top part ( the one closest to the wick ).
I would suggest doing this near a sink, because it can get messy. 

Take the salt and sprinkle it all over the candle. It doesn't need to be a rock, as long as it covers the candle all around, you're fine. Just try covering it as much as possible, again, minus the top part.

Before litting the candle, hold it and think how you don't want to break down. Think how this candle will give you strength, how it will light your way out of the darkness. How it will make you strong.

Place the candle in your candle holder and lit it. Next, place the incense near the candle and lit it as well.

You're done! It's that simple! I would suggest you watch the candle, though. The flame always means something, the way it burns. But if you feel you don't have to, or simply can't, let it burn in a safe spot. When it finishes burning down, watch the wax. If there's none left, that's perfect!
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