(Optional) Friday
Sweet Pea flower petals
Pink Candle
Plastic bag
Lemon peelings


Helping you get a new friend

Spell Casting

Open your plastic bag and place your Sweet Pea Petals inside in the bottom visualizing a new friendship being planted

Drop the dirt on top of the petals in the bag, imagining a new friendship growing. 

Carefully place your Lemon Peelings on top of the dirt, and sprinkle the Rosemary next to the Lemon peelings.

Close the bag carefully while saying the following chant:

"I open myself up for a new friendship, allowing it to grow as long as it needs. I request in the God and Goddesses help in hand leading me to the right friendship for me. While this candle is their guiding light, I will be looking for their sight. This is my will, this is my plea, so mote it be"

Light the candle while doing the chant and place it on top of the bag, if needed, place a metal jar lid on top of the plastic bag then put your candle on that, allow the candle to go out on its own, pay attention to the smoke of the candle fire. If needed, snuff out the candle. 

When the candle has burned all the way down and has gone out on its own you may bury the bag outside. If you choose not to bury it, you may place it in a safe place where it won't be bothered.
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