Attracting a New Friend


-brown candle
-rose quartz crystal
-lavender oil
-lavender incense


This is a spell to attract a new friend.

Spell Casting

I wrote up this spell after moving to a brand new city where I didn't know anyone. I went to my local shopping mall once a week to try and meet friends, but got frustrated when I couldn't seem to attract any. Whether you were in my situation, or perhaps you current friends just aren't cutting it, or even if you just want a new face around, this spell can help you!

First, cast your circle, as always. Light your incense. Then, take your brown candle and crystal and meditate with them, visualizing new friendships coming your way. Imagine all the fun times you'll be able to have with your new friend, what kind of personalities they'll have, how happy you will make each other with your company. Gather all of that happy, hopeful energy and direct it into the candle and crystal.

Anoint the candle with the lavender oil, then sprinkle the rosemary onto and around it before lighting it. Holding your crystal, say the following:

"I call upon the Element of Fire
To aid me in my goal.
A friend is what I seek,
One that will give their love and support
As I will endlessly to them.
Mother Goddess and Father God,
I call upon thee to attract this friend to me.
And harm none, so mote it be!"

Close the circle, snuff the candle, and let the incense burn out on its own. Remember that a friend will not magically show up at your door; you have to actually go out and seek them. I hope this spell helps you find a friend! Blessed be!
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