Accepting A Difficult Situation


Writing Utensil
Fireproof Area
Match or Lighter


To be able to accept people and actions in a certain situation in the past, and to have the ability to move on.

Spell Casting

Cast a circle around yourself and your tools. Clear your mind and relive the exact situation you wish to be able to move on from. Think of your emotions during that time and anything you felt physically, whether it be pain or pleasure related. Keep these memories in the front of your mind when saying the spell.

Speak clearly and say, "Let the powers of the universe open my mind, let them travel to my memories of a harsher time. This event will no longer be the anchor attached to my life, nor the pain similar to which is caused by a knife. Acceptance is in my soul and let forgiveness take its toll. By the power of three times three, so mote it be."
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