Jar Spell to Attract Love


A jar with a lid
Sea salt
Ground cinnamon
Rose Petals
Various herbs for attracting love
Heart charms (optional)
A sigils for drawing love
A piece of rose quartz / clear quartz


A jar spell that can be used to attract love to you. This is not a targeted love spell! This spell is merely to draw willing feelings of love toward you, and is not intended to be made for a specific person. It will not work if you attempt to gear it toward a particular person.

Spell Casting

Combine any of the following into a jar, bottle, or vial:

- sugar of any kind (if you can get both brown and white that’s awesome)
- sea salt (either regular course sea salt or the Himalayan pink salt)
- honey
- ground cinnamon
- flower petals (preferably rose)
- any or as many of the following: apple peel or apple seeds, barley, basil, catnip, chamomile, clover, cumin, dill, jasmine, juniper, lavender, lemon peel gratings, licorice, maple, marjoram, orange peel gratings, peppermint, poppy seeds, rosemary
- anything that makes you think of love (heart charms, love poems, etc.)
- a sigil for drawing love, if you have it / desire to use it
- a piece of clear quartz / rose quartz, if possible

Layer the items / ingredients as you wish while focusing on drawing love into your life. Think about the type of partner you would like to have (the traits you would most like them to have).

Charge it by a red, pink, or white candle for a few minutes to a half an hour, still meditating on the love you’d like in your life.

Set the container somewhere you can see it everyday, or carry it with you if it’s in a small enough vial.
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