Cleansing Spell


Quiet environment
Candles (optional to increase focus)


A spell to cleanse an area: of bad energy, spirits, etc.

Spell Casting

If using candles, place in a circle around the caster. Sitting in the center of this circle, meditate until you feel peaceful, calm, and strong.
Imagine this peace as an energy inside of you, and imagine it spreading across the area, cleaning it. It will wipe away dirt, and dust. Imagine it spreading even into the darkest of shadows and smallest corners, purifying each with your peaceful and pure energy until the area is entirely cleansed.
When you are finished, open your eyes with the mindset that the area has been cleansed effectively. It should feel brighter. If you are using candles, blow them all out before exiting the circle.
This spell may need to be repeated every now and then because as people enter the area, they bring their own energy with them, and they often leave some behind as they leave. Repeat this spell as often as you feel you need to or whenever you feel uncomfortable in this space. Blessed be.
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