Charmed Kiss of Desire


a generous handful of fresh rose petals (any color will work, but shades of pink and red work best)
a few drops of your favorite perfume/cologne
belief in yourself, your partner, and magick
love for your partner (the stronger the love, the better the spell will work)
a photo or memento of your partner (or simply good memories of spending time with them)
a bowl


This spell was handed down to me by my great-grandma, who visited me in a dream to pass this treasured spell to me. It is a spell to strengthen the bond between you and your significant other. This spell is a sacred heirloom to our family, please give credit to me if you post this spell somewhere else.

Spell Casting

1) Visualize you and your partner being together and happy throughout your lives. Let the love and feelings for them flow freely. Suppressing those emotions could negatively impact your bond with your partner.

2) Bless and anoint the petals with the perfume, still visualizing you and your partner.

3) Lightly place your lips on each of the petals, sort of like a kiss. Then after all the rose petals have been "kissed", say this chant/ prayer: "Great Mother Goddess, I pray that you are listening to my cry. Great Goddess almighty, I beg of you to strengthen the bond between (their name) and I, and in return I shall be eternally grateful. High and mighty, beautiful and kind Mother Goddess, please make our love grow stronger and thrive with your divine gracious blessing. Thank you, Mother Goddess. For this is my will, so mote it be."

4) For extra assurance that the spell will work, thoroughly let the petals dry out somewhere safe. When they have been fully dried, crush the petals into tiny bits and put some of the crushed rose petals into a glass vial (the ones for jewelry) along with rose or rosehip oil. Glue the stopper in so none of the liquid gets out, put the vial on a necklace chain or cord, then give it to your partner so they can wear it always.
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