Stationary Spiritual/Magical Shield


Optional Magical Item
Ability to draw energy from universe
your own energy


This is a spell that can be cast anywhere but that I use for doorways. It blocks all magic and magical items except those magics and items that you or the other people you allow through allow.

NOTE: do not place in public places, schools, or federal buildings! I do admit it is fun to watch people smack into 'invisible' walls, but be nice

Spell Casting

First, imagine energy flowing from everywhere into your hands. Then, while imagining the energy flowing into a 'border' for your shield, chant, "Protect and Defend, so that family and friend only may enter and exit" The number doesn't really matter. Hold up both hands and imagine the border of energy being filled in with more energy. Seal it by saying, "It is done!" and making both hands into fists. The first time you or another person goes through it, you/they will feel a strange weight in your/their chest. That is the spell assessing the person and seeing if they are friend, family, foe, or the caster themselves.
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