Make Someone Happy


Anytime (Time of Day)
Anywhere (except a place where people will think you're crazy)
1 Royal Blue Candle


I don't know how long this will last, but hey, happiness brings peace.

Spell Casting

Get a picture of the person you'd like to make happy. Set it down somewhere and place the blue candle in front of it, so it's the picture first, the candle next, and then you behind the candle.

Close your eyes and imagine the person laughing and being happy and smiling and anything good you can think of.

Now open your eyes and stare at the candle, but in the background make sure you see the picture of the person behind the candle.

Now say the following chant:

"Happiness and glee,
Make their anger flee.
Longlasting and forever,
Make their happiness ever so clever.
Everlasting and joyful,
This spell will last.
Make their happiness come up fast."

I don't know how long this spell will last, maybe a few minutes, maybe a few days, maybe a few weeks, who knows. But be warned; if this is used and they're supposed to be sad, like let's say that somebody had their father die or something, and they're happy and laughing, that's... not good...

Also, for confusion, I will define the spell:

First two lines force the anger out of that person.
The next two lines tell the spell how long to last (but it won't last forever just for any confusion).
The last three lines force the spell to come up quickly.

This is good if this person is thinking of killing themselves. But backfires may occur and they could have thoughts of suicide, extreme depression, ominous crying, and more. So make sure you meditate before the spell!
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