School study spell


1 yellow candle
1 green candle
1 orange candle
1 peice of yellow ribbon or string
1 piece pf green ribbon or string
1 piece of orange ribbon or string
Cinnamon oil


Got issues remembering what you study for that big test and have issues staying focused on your study in? Then maybe this IAS what you are looking for

Spell Casting

Light the yellow candle first, then light the green candle second, the the orange candle last. Braid the ribbons/strings to make a bracelet. Yellow for intelligence/clarity. Green for luck. Orange for success. (In a circle ask the deiti you believe in most to enter before the bracelet). Imagine symbols for studying, intelligence, and remembrance being there and end in as well ask for help for the test. Ask for help studying easier. Run oil over where the bracelet is tied. Then to it around your wrist. Wear it while studying and during the test.

Let me know how well it works for you fill free to share it but please do not clam as your own it is the work of my best friend and she gave me permission to share this with you.
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