Spell to protect home from evil spirits


Belief in God
A small or medium size bowl


This spell works for giving an impossible task to any evil spirit wanting to enter your home. They can not come in unless they say an our father for each grain of rice without messing up or they have to start over. This spell is done in a catholic manner but you may reorganize the spell to fit your beliefs if you desire.

Spell Casting

After you put the rice in the bowl make the sign of the cross over it. Focus the power of God to bless and enchant the rice. Remeber to seal the spell off with another sign of the cross. Here is the following prayer to say over the rice:

"By the power of God I bless and empower this rice to protect my home and the people living in it from any evil spirits by giving them a task of saying the our father for each grain of rice, Please Lord, let all evil spirits do this nine times without making a mistake or they have to start over. Let this be a burden for them all so that they can not come in without doing this impossbile endeavor. In the name of Jesus, Amen."

This spell is usually done and redone each sunday. But do it any day of the week as you please.

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