Protection spell Fire-Water


A glass of water


A quick and easy to do protection spell.

Spell Casting

Get you glass of water, you don't need to work with circles or stuff like that. Concentrate on yourself or the person/animal/plant you wish to protect. Visualise the object.
Light the match.
/For every single danger you wish to protect the object from, you should light a new match and describe the danger/
While watching it burn describe the danger you are creating protection against. For example: This match is against bad eyes.
After that you have to add a small curse. Be creative.
For example:
This match is against curses. May the one who tries to curse me have his eyes fall out.
After finishing this drop the match into the water and contineu with the next match if needed.
Note: This is an eastern european spell. Using a slavic language while casting it may result in making the spell stronger.
If you need your intentions to be translated in a slavic language you can contact me.
Note 2: This spell is black magick. Don't let the fire touch your fingers!
Note 3: Bury the matches in the ground near a river, under a big stone or neat a tree. This makes your spell stronger.
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