To Make a Woman unable 2 have kids ever


The hate towards that person
Amethyst crystal
night time
a picture of that person


to stop a woman from ever having kids

Spell Casting

sit anywhere inside, holding the amethyst crystal, look at the picture of the person u want this to happen to and chant 2-4 times

spirits of life, spirits of death, spirits of the unborn and the spirits of the born. come together as one as i ask you to make ( persons name ) have her all eggs die and the womb destroyed so she cannot have children at all, stop her from having her periods, prevent her from falling pregnant ever, whenever she trys she will fail, make this happen to her SO MOTE IT BE!!

side effects

-unable to fall pregnant whenever she trys
-no periods come
-stomach pains ( resulting in the womb being destroyed and the wombs dying
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