Fairy Ointment *WORKS*


Food Colouring of your choice
5 petals of your choice
Fairy Dust(other spells)
A pretty glass vile,
Large bowl of Water,
Honeydew(morning dew mixed with honey)
One of your hairs,
Small scissors.


I have tested this spell on several people including myself.
And it works brilliantly!
Side affects may occur!

Spell Casting

Firstly take your food colouring it should be the colour you want your wings and hair colour to be, your 5 petals they should be the type of flower power and type of fairy you wish to be! Then take your water
Put your flower petals in the water with your food colouring stir with your finger (your finger must be covered in your saliva) Leave overnight.
Next morning take your bowl and remove the petals. Now place your ointment into the glass vile DO NOT FILL IT and sprinkle in some fairy dust and stir with a thin spoon.
Now take your hair and cut it into tiny pieces with your scissors and sprinkle into your vile now take your honeydew and dribble into until it is full.
Leave your mixture overnight again.
Then next morning run a drop on each of your shoulder blades wait for three days.
YOUR shoulder blades will ache and you will feel dizzy.
A small shot glass of honey dew will cure it.

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