Bendy's Curse


A device for musics
a spell for make it work


Have a Body like Bendy

Spell Casting

Spell for make it work:Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, i call on you, to make this spell magic. So mote it Be!

Now steps!

Step 1:Play the original/remix of Build Our Machine

Step 2:Imagine your new body (you can add Customs Things)

Step 3:Repeat the Step 1

Step 4:Say the Spell 3 Times

Spell:"Dear Bendy, let you to do a ritual for change my body, a body like your but with (Customs Things), This is my wish, So mote it be

-(Your Name)

Step 5:Say:'I will make my dreams come true" and go sleep

(Note:In the Morning, Go to a Morror if your body is changed, is not, try again)

(Note 2:you can do a update of this spell, but, you should give me a mail for i test)
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