Knot Curse


1 6 in Black Rope or Yarn
•1 Athame, Knife, or Scissors
To be done on A New Moon.


Cures for pain and revenge.

Spell Casting

When the new moon is in the sky, start with the yarn in your left hand. Close your hand around it and visualize the pain you want caused upon the victim. Chant out loud 3X:


"Oh goddess, as last resort, hear my cry,
Make __________ feel like he/she to die.
Bring him/her pain, darkness, rot his/her mind,
Make him despair until the time,
The cord be severed, yes, cut in two,
On the day the moon again be new."


Knot the cord, once in the middle and feel the pain you wish to inflict on him/her.

To lift the curse, on the next new moon:
Prick your finger on a needle and let a drop hit the knife you will cut the cord with. Say:


"With this blood I remove the spell
But let __________ remember the flames of hell.
With this cut, (cut the Rope at the knot) make all go away.
But let the memory in his/her mind forever stay."
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