Become a Witch


Do this on the Full Moon if possible.


It’s more like a energy transportation. See, you’ll channel energy and then cast the energy into you. Into your chi. This way, your chi will provide energy for you to manipulate. You can cast spells without channeling from candles.

Spell Casting

First, you must know where you’re putting it. I would suggest you picture your chi, in the center of your core. (You could transport energy into a box, stone, staff, or wand but that wouldn’t make you a witch. It would make you a spell caster with a magic rock.)
Next, make sure there’s nowhere else in your environment that the energy could go into. Make sure it’s the source of energy it’s coming from and your open Chi.
Be completely empty-headed and open-minded and free-at-mind and be comfortable and relax and open your chi.
Now, chant this 10 times at least and until you feel you’ve gained enough energy.



"From the candle, to my chi.
From the outside, to inside of me."



5. After this, you should be able to channel energy from your chi to cast spells.

Warning: Spells can still be dangerous and for some you might still need to channel energy from else where.

This energy can also be a curse. So, be sure this is what you want and be sure you're not using the wrong colored candles. Use white candles. There's a chance you can absorb negative energy which is very bad.
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