Honeysuckle Magic


Honeysuckle flowers.


Using honeysuckles in magic.

Spell Casting

Money Spells: Honeysuckle can be burned as an incense to attract money and wealth into your home. Burning it regularly is believed to bring financial blessings to the home and those that inhabit it. It also sweetens the thoughts of those that smell it.

Psychic Powers and Psychic Awareness: The sent of honeysuckle clears the mind and can strengthen psychic abilities. Crushing a small amount of the flowers and placing them on the third eye for a short period of time, or under your pillow while you sleep is believed to increase psychic abilities. Placing the dried flowers around the home is also believed to increase intuition.

Protection and Love: It can be added to protection and love sachets and used in spells to attract love and grant protection. If planted in the garden or near your home, it is believed to protect them from evil.




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