Invisibility and Magical Immunity


5 wicks,each made of the fibers of:
Calatropis Gigantea
Salmalia Malabarica
Gossypium Heraceum
Human oil:extracted from a corpse
5 Human Skulls


A powerful dark magic which will make the person invisibility,think many times before doing this.

Spell Casting

Dip in all the wicks into the human oil, one should kindle five lights.

These should be placed,one by one,on five human skulls.
Then,combine the black ashes,obtained from the above,lights,should be applied to the eyes while one is in a temple of Shiva.

The ashes are first consecrated with the following mantra,recited 1008 times:

"Om hum phat kaali kaali mahaakaali maamsa-shonitam khaadaya khaadaya devi maa pasyatu manuseti hum phat svaahaa."
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