How to make a blessed necklace Works for me


A necklace
Your hands
A emotional bond with the necklace {optional but makes it stronger}
A wish


This is a method I use to get what I want. It has never failed and works

Spell Casting

Go to a place where you wont be bothered and sit down. Close your eyes and put your hands around the necklace. Dominant hand first. Visualize the way your hand are around the necklace and then think of the thing you want he most. Do you want to have good luck? Or maybe you want to be loved. Just think of the one thing and say it out loud.

''I want this necklace to {thing you want [can also be ''I want
(crush name) to love me'']} and here by I am praying to the god and goddess to bring that to me. This is my will so mote it be!''

Then visualize a light with the color of the theme your wish is in {Love wishes red/pink, luck green, protection gold, and if you want to curse someone you visualize it black.} form into a orb in your chest right at your heart and then go through your dominant handed arm into the necklace. Keep going until you feel like the necklace is full and then visualize a {color of wish themed} glow around it. open your eyes and take a deep breath. Then you can do whatever you want to do with it.
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