Love potion_69.1


We will need:
Cinnamon powder,
Sandal wood,(make him brave)
Powerful red wine,
Three balls of pepper,
One chilly,
Four lists of peppermint.
Put cinnamon as much as you want. How more, how better.
But not very much!!


My first potion recipe. Of course I am doing it for so long.. This potion is not one of those fake. It's alcohol potion. And if you prepare it properly and give it to your boy, he will jump on you like you know each other for hundred sixty nine years. (work just on boys. You have to know he likes you. He don't need to love you. Just ask him if you are beautiful. If you are ugly, this will don't help you. Magic can't do thing like that. Just jump from trumptower in pool with sharks.

Spell Casting

Put cinnamon(half of cup or more) with sandal wood powder in bottle with red wine and and all other ingredients for five days in cold and dark room. After that, you can serve.

Before you do it, how does that spell work. This combination of ingredients will make your victim brave, so he will don't have problem with kissing you. But don't use if you don't want to have a night with him!! It will make him very VERY hard and powerful erection, and he will need help with that. Soo.. Good luck with.. With.. Umm.. Playing?
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