Wish Spell


One drop of your blood
1 Bowl
3 Green Candles or 2
1 paper
1 Black or green pen.


Here is a small spell to bring the thing that you want closer to you.. Meaning, if you want something that you can't buy the price will drop or someone will buy it for you.Or you'll find it if it's like money etc..

Spell Casting

First: Place the three candles in a triangle form if you have two place them next to each other.

Second:  Write down what you want on the paper ( like toys money etc... )

Third: Place the paper in the bowl 

Fourth: Move the bowl in the middle of the triangle of in front of the two candles 

Fifth: Poke your finger and drop some blood on the paper

sixth: Burn the paper

seventh: Chat only three times...

Dear gods from the heaven above please grant me what I seek and leave me be ...

The spell may or may not work fast it worked fast for me I found $100 on the street. 

-Blessed Be.

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