A spell that gives you the ability to control water.

Spell Casting

Enter the bath/shower. Try to focus of one sound, whether it be the hum of the fan or the swishing of the water. Once your attention is on the sound, close your eyes and submerge as much of your body as you can in the water. Now, focus on the feel of the water. If you are in a shower, focus on how the stream relaxes you until you can no longer feel it. Similarly, if you're in a bath, focus on the warmth of the water and allow your arms to rest in the middle of the water. Now, once your body feels numb, imagine exactly what you want the water to do. Is it forming shapes? Is it parting down the center? Are small waves coming to life? Focus all your energy on visualizing this scene.

Once you have the scene visualized, chant this spell as many times as you need until you feel energy entering your body:


"Ancient spirits of the sea, let your powers come to me. Hydrokenetic manipulation will go as far as my imagination. As the energy pulses throughout my veins, I'll manipulate water until I feel pains. I call upon thee, so mote it be."

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