Tree Empowerment


-Four leaves from the target tree (one from each of the 4 sides)
-Bark from the caster’s side of the tree
-Four clumps of dirt from the ground around the target tree (one from each of the 4 sides)
-Cup of salt
-A water source


This spell will not grant you any power, but will instead empower a tree and grant it long life and faster growth.

Spell Casting

1) Collect the materials required in a tranquil state from the tree. Leave the water source near the tree, but at least five feet away.
2) Sprinkle salt in a circle around the tree, with a radius of about five to six feet from the base of the tree. Any remaining salt will be sprinkled into the water source.
3) Crush the dirt against your hands until it is a powder sticking to your hands, especially your palm (which should be covered)
4) Draw a pentagram on your hand using the bark from the tree, then place the bark into the center of the water source.
5) Place each leaf in between each of your fingers on your casting hand: I.E. Left hand: Pinkie, Casting Side Leaf, Ring Finger, Left Leaf, Middle Finger, Right Leaf, Pointer Finger, Reverse Caster Side Leaf, Thumb. Reverse this order for the right hand.
6) Stand about four feet away from the tree, facing the casting side. Chant: “Spirits of Earth, combine with my might. Grow this tree's power, from day until night. Harness the power, from dawn until dusk, and activate strength to make this tree lush.” Wave your casting hand slowly but sharply until each leaf has fallen.
7) Dip your dirt-covered hands in the water source, and once all the dirt is cleaned away take a handful of the dirty water to the tree. Sprinkle the water evenly around the base of the tree, and step away. Begin and end the water sprinkle at the casting side.
8) Standing where you are, place your wet casting hand on the spot where you took bark from the tree. Chant: “Spirits of Earth, obey my command. Begone from this spot, and empower my hand. This tree will have strength, this tree with have might, so now all you spirits must take sudden flight. So mote it be!”
9) Your spell has been completed. Results may vary, and will probably take a while to be noticable.
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