Prayer of the Deadly Sins


Nothing, just say this outloud or in your head as needed.


This is a prayer I wrote based on the Deadly Sins, but this focusses on the positive.

Spell Casting

Say this as many times as you want whenever you want:



  "May demons of pride fill me with confidence, and let everyone see me as a sight to behold, May my voice and gait show my pride and glory to all who gaze upon me.
May demons of greed bring treasures into my life, and keep my belongings safe from others. May othersÂ’ things I desire find their way into my hands with the help of demons.
May demons of lust transform my image to have all lust for me. May I have control over my sexuality, and all who gaze upon me with the help of lust demons.
May demons of envy make everyone envious of me, and overrun with the desire to lead my life. May I never envy others, for the demons have turned my life to dark.
May demons of gluttony always bring me enough, may I be stuffed with food, and never starve. May what I eat taste great, and fill me up.
May demons of wrath stay by my side, and cast my enemies into hell with my anger. May all who upset me pay the consequences.
May demons of sloth allow my work to be done without doing work, and allow me to waste away as my job is completed."
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