Saiyan cells spell


Voice. Say it out loud or in your mind or whisper it or mutter it or say it without any noice.
And there's a hidden secret if you
Watch a video of a saiyan character transforming or powering up before you finish up with this is my wish so mote it be it will have more of a effect and you'll feel more energy and power I knows this because I have tried it and I had felt more energy and power and also works if you do it before and after the wish spell so try it and I hope that it works for you oh and one last thing you also have to have seen dragonball z or dragonball super to have a stronger effect.


You will get the saiyan cells from the anime dragonball z. Hope it works.

Spell Casting

Say I am a saiyan I have saiyan cells in my body I will becmoe a saiyan and I will gain saiyan powers Including transformations except for great ape form because I will not grown a tail I'll be a saiyan without a tail and when I transform into any super saiyan form including false super saiyan I wll have 100% conplete control of my actions and I will never lose control no matter how powerful I become so gods and goddesses give me saiyan blood and saiyan cells right now instantly this is my wish so mote it be.
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