Charm Sachet: Love


1 Pink Drawstring bag, or pink cloth.
2 tbsp. Dried Rose Petals
1 tbsp. Anise
1 tbsp. Cinnamon
1 small sheet of paper, around 2in by 2in.
1 Pink or Red Pen


Charm sachet to draw loving vibrations to you.

Spell Casting

On the drawstring bag, or pink cloth depending on what you're using, draw the symbol of two hearts touching. Then, take the pen and use it to write down the qualities you are looking for in a significant other, on the sheet of paper. Be as specific as possible here. Do not visualize a specific individual, just focus on finding someone with the qualities you desire. 

Now, place the paper into the bag and slowly add in the herbs. As you do, visualize the herbs charging the bag with your intent and say the following: 

"Roses, anise, cinnamon, bring me love, companionship, and all that which I desire. I seek love, and so love I shall find. Love shall be mine."

Say this as you put all of the herbs into the bag, then slowly tie it shut. Take several moments to visualize and focus on what it is that you want, the type of individual that you want, etc.

Also keep in mind that this will not work instantly, nor will it drop some random stranger into your lap. This is to help you find someone that has the qualities you're seeking, and that can take time. Be patient and let your spell do its work.
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