Forgetful Spell


Pencil(so the memory will wear out)
Dirt or rubbish bin
Clear mind


This spell is to make a person forget about something, it can be used to clear even your memory of a bad memory or any you want to clear from the person's mind or yours.

Spell Casting

To get started, write the thing that you want to erase from the person's or your mind on the paper with the pencil. Say this one if it is another person and you are getting disgusted when the person mentions it:

"(Name of person)'s mind is full of rubbish,I just want to erase it from it.This person is getting me disgusted. Please oh please,clear his/her mind. So mote it be."

Bury the paper or dump it.

If it is for you do the same method above and then say:

"I have had this memory for too long,I want to erase it from my mind.It is the last thought that I have. Erase it now never to return. So mote it be."

Clear your mind and bury the paper. Wash your hands with water alone and your face.
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