Spell of a better exams


A Turquoise or White Candle
Belief (obviously)


A spell to help you with your test scores or help with studying.

Spell Casting

First, this spell has a good chance of increasing your test, exams, anything like that, chance to pass. I'm sure it won't let you down.

Let's look at the ingredients. Skip this if you choose, but just some facts.
The chosen candle is Turquoise, this is because it works tremendously well with study, problem solving and stuff. Also white was chosen, due to it accessing all the colours.

You need belief, like, come on. Nothing works if you can't believe it will work.
You also need to study, not all things come at a click of a finger.

Now that's all done, let's get on to the spell:

Rub a few drops of oil from your candle on your two palms, then grasp the center of the candle with both hands.
Close your eyes and focus on your test, believe that you will pass it.
No your hands slowly to the ends of the candle while chanting these words:

I call the Ancient One
God of the falling sun
Share ye wisdom and give me luck
As the days to my paper begin to pluck

I will pass, I will achieve
So I can leave with my belief
Thank you god for hearing my spell
All hope it will all go well



Do it at sunset
Have a Citrine Quartz with you

Remember, friends:

'If ye harm none, do what ye will'

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