Mind persuasion/manipulation


Piece of paper (blank or lined)
Pen/pencil (rubber if needed)
An item that could represent what you want the person to do (unless it is impossible to represent)
A voice
Belief in this spell
Determination that the spell will work and a strong will for it to work


This spell is not exactly mind control, but a spell to convince someone's mind to do something. It will put the idea in their head, and if it is already there, enhance it. No matter their opinions/preferences, this spell will change their mind. It can even change someone's emotions, hates, loves, sexuality, mind-set, etc. It cannot change something the person was born with/they have completely no choice with, such as a mental disease/disorder. This will start working straight away and may take up to a week for any specified action to be taken. This spell is probably dark magic.

Spell Casting

1. Place the item on the opposite end of the place you are going to start writing on the paper.
2. Write what you want to happen. If it makes sense to you and the person, then it will work. Make sure you include their first and second name (middle names optional). Make sure you put "I will for" first. At the end, you could put "this is my will, mote it be." but it is optional. For example:
"I will for (full name) to (what you want them to do). This is my will, mote it be."
3. Fold the paper (doesn't have to be neat) and put the item in the middle of it. Close your eyes and bring the "package" to your lips and whisper the person's (full, but no middle names needed) name into it.
4. Put it under your pillow and keep it there for 1-3 days. You can keep it there longer, which may or may not help the spell. Once it seems to have worked, do anything you want with it.
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