Luck bag


1 small square of paper
1 teabag (herbal tea works best)
2 eucalyptus leaves
1 pen
3 clovers
1 carnelian
1 small charm bag
1 chain (can be a very small peice from a nacklace or something)
Any special items or charms


This little bag of charms will bring you luck where ever you go :)

Spell Casting

1. After you have a cup of tea get your tea bag and stain the paper with the tea and place on the eucalyptus leaves. Fold the paper in half and allow it to dry.

2. Once your paper is dry you can remove your leaves and grab a pen. Write your intention onto the paper, which in this case is luck.

3. Scroll up your peice of paper and place it in the bag along with all your other items and charms, close the bag and carry it with you when ever you need some luck.

If you have any questions please mail me :D
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