Death Spell




If you have access to any personal article of the offender, this will help.

Spell Casting

1. Construct an effigy or a poppet, using the article.

2. Go to the cemetery and get some dirt.

3. You need to focus into the poppit, visualizing the victim, all of the hate you possibly can, especially during its construction. It is imperative here to stay focused with intent. Try to do this during a waning moon. When the moon is in Scorpio or Capricorn is good time.

4. Construct a small box. Cardboard is fine.

5. Light a black candle, concentrate intensely upon the death and destruction of the enemy. DO NOT BE DISTURBED OR LOSE YOUR FOCUS!

6. Put the effigy into its box.

7. Bury it in dirt inside the box.

8. Save some of the dirt.

9. Take it outside, or back to the graveyard and bury it, placing the reserved dirt on top of the box, *knowing* the victim will meet his/her death.

10. Do not think about the spell, or the enemy, as this will interfere with its working.

Now chant when you're doing the 5th step..

"The grey death energy is killing [name of person]."


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