Hair growth potion


Rose Oil
Blessed Water
Olive Oil
Brewed Black Tea
Pink Candle
White Candle


This is a potion that is supposed to make your hair grow fast.

Spell Casting

Combine the brewed tea (made with the blessed water), 5 drops of each oil and place it on your altar.
Place the candles on your altar. Place the pink candle on the right and the white candle on the left.
Light the candles and chant over the potion for an hour. You can leave the potion to step/brew for a few hours or overnight on the altar.
The next time you shampoo your hair rinse as usual and then pour the potion in your hair. Let the potion sink in for 30 or so minutes and then rinse. Afterwards deep condition your hair.
*NOTE: Black tea stains, so wear an old TEAshirt :).
I hope this spell works for you. I have tried other spells to make hair grow for my hair type and they worked well but this one worked the best.
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