The Creation Spell


1 white candle
1 gold candle


This spell allows you to create anything you desire.

Spell Casting

Step 1: Fill the bowl with water.

Step 2: Place a candle on each side of the bowl. (gold on right, white on left)

Step 3: Write what you want to create on the paper

Step 4: Fold the paper 7 times. (doesn't have to be in half)

Step 5: Light the candles.

Step 6: Light a corner of the paper on fire with the gold candle.

Step 7: Dunk the corner in the water.

Step 8: Do the same with a different corner. (with white candle)

Step 9: Hold the paper above the bowl and say, " This is my will that is written here, with the two corners of luck, all the things that I desire will be granted in one single swoop."

Step 10: Drop the paper into the water.

Step 11: Dip your thumb and index finger into the water. (both hands)

Step 12: Snuff out the candles. (white first)

You are all good to go! Whatever you wrote on the paper should be created within 30 min.
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