Master's Collar




Makes the wearer of the collar obey your commands, if it falls within their morals.

Spell Casting

Have your friend put on the collar. Ask once; if they refuse, accept their refusal. Don't bug them about it, or else they might not talk to you again.
Think of the collar becoming part of their body, encircling their brain and latching on to it, taking full control of them. Chant 10x:
"The collar they wear will do as I ask. I will be it's master; (Name of person), my servant. So mote it be."

The person should start walking to you after 10-20 seconds (depending on their willpower), and ask for a command. If you cannot think of one, say "Do as you wish." They will do what they want to until the next day, when they will ask for another command. If you continue with this for 7 days in a row, they will begin to beg you to give them a proper command. They will eventually discard their morals in order to get a command, going as far as initiating sexual intercourse to get you to think of one. The only morals they will keep at this point are those that keep them from killing. If they move in with you, they will go out to purchase a maid's outfit if female; if male, a suit and tie. They will do their best to protect you, so if they begin to go to sleep with you, let them. Don't be startled, that will scare them. If they get scared, they will hug you until you assure them that everything is alright. Have fun, but allow them their free will. If you remove their free will, the collar will break itself apart, and the wearer will become aware of your actions. If you're lucky, though, they will ask you to do it again. If so, you will be able to remove their free will without consequence. Here's a tip: Don't count on it.
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